Painting Exterior Siding

Alright, it’s time to start painting exterior siding now that we have replaced all the damaged and rotten siding. Gather up all the tools your going to need. You will need to pick a color if you haven’t already. Now Let’s find out the best way to pick the color you want so you won’t be sorry in the end that you picked the wrong paint color. Pick out a group of colors from a color fan or color swatch. Out of this group of colors narrow it down to just a few. Three or four colors should be good enough. Buy 1 quart of each color you have picked out. A good quality exterior paint will cost you around $12-15 per quart. This is money well spent because it’s much better than painting the whole house and then deciding that you don’t like the color. Go to the back of the house and paint all of the colors you have picked side by side in a 3×3 foot pattern. Colors can look a lot different from the paint chip or swatch than it does out in the daylight and over a wider area. Now you can pick the right color.

Now that you have the perfect color we can get started. You should not apply the paint on days where it will be below 50 degrees F. Also wait until all the morning dew has dried so the paint will have a good surface to adhere to. If you are painting in the summer then you should start on the shady side of the house and follow the shade around the house. The surface can get very hot and the paint will dry up and prevent you from maintaining a wet edge.

Cover up anything you do not want paint on such as drives and sidewalks.

See for more local info

Box (mix gallons of paint together) paint before you begin to ensure you have a uniform color. Sometimes the paint can be mixed wrong at the store and by doing this you are assured of a uniform color.

Painting Tips for Painting Exterior Siding

  • Always paint from top to bottom. This way you can catch all the drips and splatters before they dry.
  • Paint three or four pieces of the siding at a time moving from side to side to maintain a wet edge.
  • Be sure to get a good coat of paint on the siding.
  • Do not stop in the middle of a run to avoid lap marks.
  • Anywhere there is exposed wood you should have three(3) coats of paint. One (1) primer coat and two(2) finish coats.