Elements Of Choosing Exterior Paint

When choosing exterior paint there are many factors to consider besides color, although the color is the main and first consideration. Depending on the architecture of your home, i.e., Cape Cod, Spanish style, Mediterranean, Modern, or other, the house style will dictate a certain color to you. After that, it is up to you how creative you want to be with it. For example, A Cape Cod Style house is usually either gray or blue with white trim. Maybe you do not like those colors. Depending on your landscaping, especially large trees, or the other houses on your block, you might decide to go with a tan color with the white trim instead, or possibly a green hue that works. So you can see, no rule is set in stone. What you want is for the end result to look professional and of good quality, whether it is a standard color or different.

The next thing you want to consider is the windows, trim and garage doors. In newer homes that have metal or vinyl windows, you are pretty much stuck with whatever color they are. However, that does not mean that the trim (including the fascia, eaves and rain gutters in some cases) or garage doors have to match the windows. Contrast is vital to making a house look more interesting and beautiful. As mentioned in other articles on this site, your home is your castle. Driving up to a beautifully painted house can bring you much pleasure and pride, which brings me to curb appeal.

It is great when your home has curb appeal. This means when you see your house from the curb, either a shorter or longer distance away depending on the size of your front yard, it is appealing to the eye. It is nice for the neighbors because everyone wants their neighborhood to look good. It is not a “keeping up with the Jones'” thing. It is taking pride in your investment and inspiring your neighbors to do the same. This increases property values for everyone. There is one thing that can add to curb appeal, especially if you decide to go with standard house colors. Let us say that you decided to go with the blue Cape Cod house with white trim we were talking about. This is classic, beautiful and SAFE. To make it stand out and give it curb appeal you might want to choose a bold front door color such as RED or BLACK. You might have another favorite color you want to try. Whatever the color, the great thing about paint is that you can always paint over it! When painting that front door, be sure to use high gloss paint.

Another thing to consider is your back yard, your little haven that the neighbors only get to see when either invited over or peeking. Back there you have more choices and fewer rules. Of course, you want the house paint to match with the front of the house; however, you can really spruce it up with colorful patio furniture cushions if you have the room, or just comfy chairs and some small tables. Plant some colorful flowers or Coleus plants for color. It is easy to do yourself (DIY). Either in pots or in the ground, plants can bring your yard alive. Enjoy your home, inside and out! And always remember — PAINT is your best friend.